Abstract artist Joshua Ahye uses acrylics and spray paints to create eclectic and expressive works that explore themes of overcoming anxiety and adversity.

Born in Scotland to Trinidadian parents, Ahye’s work is influenced by his diverse multicultural heritage and his lived experiences throughout the world.

Ahye’s paintings are characterized by their bold colours, gestural palette knife strokes, and layered textures. He frequently incorporates the feeling of ‘rising up’ or ‘above’ into his work; creating a meditative sense of vibrant dynamism and energy.

Ahye’s work from 2019 has so far been exhibited at an open call exhibition (“In Dreams” – Aug 2023) at New House Art Gallery in Guildford.

To learn more about Joshua’s work, please follow his journey on Instagram or send an email to find out about where to find his work in 2024 and beyond.